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SELF CARE. Everyone is talking about self care, it's so exciting! We all enjoy getting a good massage; it is a stress reliver and beneficial for your physical alignment. Well did you know, MEDICAL INSURANCE can cover certain services we look at as luxury? Yes, getting a massage, or going to your chiropractor can be covered by your insurance! Knowledge is power! That is the type of knowledge and insurance coverage B.L.W.B. provides to clients!

Self care comes in many different forms; being financially attentive is another form of self care! You have to spend money in every part of your life, including self care! Whether you are going to the dollar store to get the simplest of things for art & crafts, candles, or a pedicure kit or going to the most luxurious spa bath in the city, it will cost money! So why not take time once a year or once a month, to set your budget, (we have budget plans here at B.L.W.B., LLC), and dedicate a specific dollar amount to your self care needs. You would technically be doing self care times two! Taking care of yourself physically and mentally, IT'S A WIN, WIN situation! Having the mental ease of knowing your financials are in order, is a stress reliever within itself. So be kind to yourself and take an hour out of your day to change your life for the better. :-) that's what we do here at Bettering Lives with Bellows, LLC! 

Sidenote: While on our website, book an appointment, it's FREE!  

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