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Real Clients of B.L.W.B., LLC, let's hear from you!

Bettering Lives with Bellows, LLC wants to hear your feedback in the comment section below!

Thank you in advance. 

  • Jana Dukes on

    Selena is amazing! She answered every question I had and made sure I had everything I need to move forward.

  • Jackeline Mitchell on

    I reached out to Selena after finding out I would be losing my health insurance coverage in a month. Selena made time to speak with me and review my options in less than 24 hours. I really appreciated the quick turnaround and the ability to squeeze me in. She is very personable and informed on the plans offered and it shows that she is constantly learning to stay abreast on the newest of news. Ultimately I later found out that my family and I were able to regain coverage through my spouse’s employer which saved us a huge headache, so while I did not end up purchasing a plan thru Selena, I was ready to move forward with a competitive plan she found for us, and felt confident that she could facilitate for us what we needed. I also want to mention that at no point was Selena pushy or salesman like in the typical way that you can imagine so people being. Thank you so much, Selena.

  • David Wilson on

    I received my quote today from Selena, and it was definitely an easier process than I thought. I was slightly intimidated starting off because I didn’t have a lot of knowledge prior to the meeting, but Selena broke the information down in a very practical client focused way.

  • olay on

    Selena helped me with my life insurance policies she was quick and understood exactly what i was looking. looking forward to doing more business.

  • Martinique pates on

    Selena was very transparent and thorough about the terms of my life insurance. Not mentioned, she was willing to work with me through a period of me being between jobs by finding the best rates to fit my budget. I know if I need any future advice about budgeting or have any questions regarding my policy she’ll make herself available.

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